Video Lecture on Culture of Peace

August 2009
I gave a lecture on Culture of Peace at the International Leadership Development Program Conference of the University of Connecticut Institute of Comparative Human Rights in August 2009. It was recorded by Connecticut Network Television.

I have put it on YouTube, but since they do not allow more than 10 minutes for each video clip, I have cut it into six segments as follows. I suggest that you watch them in the order they were given.

1. Introduction

2. War is not part of human nature

3. Culture of War

4. Culture of Peace

5. Global Movement to replace the Empire

6. World Peace through the Town Hall

Video Lectures on Culture of Peace

April/May, 2020
I gave two lectures on the culture of peace hosted by Myrian Castello and including question/response from the YouTube viewing audience :

"Peace Is In Our hands"

"Are Humans Naturally Aggressive?"