On the Role of Anger in War and Peace
V. Confronting the Myth-Makers Page 5

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I. Introduction
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II. There is no Instinct for War
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III. Why There Are So Few Women Warriors
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IV. History of Warfare
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V. Warfare and Marriage
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VI. Conclusion
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Notes and References
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Myths are kept alive by social institutions, and must be confronted at that level. In recent years, there has been an especially strong tendency in the mass media, for example, in the United States, to focus upon the myth of the "instinctual basis of war" rather than upon the social factors involved.

More direct involvement of scientists with the mass media and with social institutions such as the United Nations would make it possible to confront these myths more effectively and to present a more accurate picture of the social factors in warfare. For example, at the recent meetings of the International Society for Research on Aggression, there was for the first time a symposium on direct relations between aggression researchers and the media; and there was a proposal to convene a world-wide symposium under the aegis of the United Nations to formulate an authoritative statement on the causal factors in human violence including warfare.

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