C. The International Year for the Culture of Peace

14. The International Year for the Culture of Peace, 2000, may serve as the occasion to launch the initiatives in this programme of action and as a means to engage people at all levels in a common endeavour toward a global movement for a culture of peace. Its objectives include strengthening of respect for cultural diversity and promotion of tolerance, solidarity, cooperation, dialogue and reconciliation. Specific activities that are proposed include:

Establishment and implementation of national action plans, partnerships and institutional forms which promote the objectives of the International Year,

Association of the year with regional and international activities that underline the priorities of peace, development and democracy and the central role of the United Nations system in promoting a culture of peace, including close association with United Nations activities for the millennium.

Support for special initiatives that celebrate and reinforce cultural diversity and recognize all humanity as one in spirit;

Mobilization of public opinion to promote a culture of peace;

Establishment of a global system of communication and information exchange concerning activities and media productions that reflect and promote the values of a culture of peace;

Measures to ensure a synergy between the International Year for the Culture of Peace, 2000, and the International Year of Volunteers, 2001.

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