A Dynamic Psychoneural Analysis of Offense Behavior in the Rat

by David Adams

Paper presented to the Gagra Conference, Gagra, USSR, January, 1983

Title Page and Summary


I. Introduction and Background
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II. The Static Model
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III. The Dynamic Model
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IV. Future Work
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Figures 1-6
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For the first time, a detailed hypothesis for the dynamic, second-by-second and minute-by-minute, operation of the offense motivational system is presented. Four variations of attack are considered, the data coming from previously published sequence analyses of intermale fighting in rats. A static model of the offense motivational system is used as it has been described in previous publications by the authors an offense motivational mechanism, its relationships to submission and hunger and thirst motivational mechanisms, motor patterning mechanisms of offense, motivating stimulus analyzers, and releasing and directing stimulus analyzers of offense. The dynamic operation for this system is shown for the four variations of attack: I) strong attack; 2) moderate attack against a weak opponent; 3) moderate attack against a strong opponent; and 4) weak attack. Previously unpublished data are discussed which indicate that the offense motivational mechanism facilitates sensory analyzers to such an extent that "vacuum activity" may occur under conditions of sensory deprivation. Some consideration is given to methods that may be used in future research to test these hypotheses, in particular the single neuron analysis of offense.

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