A Genetic Analysis of Aggressive Behavior in Five Inbred Strains of Rats, Selected Hybrids and Backcrosses

by David Adams

with assistance from Sara Laden, Jane Witten Surgeon, Andrew Eichenfield, Walter Severini, Michael Lehman and Ann Odmark Squire


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Five highly inbred strains of rats were tested for aggressive and related behaviors in four types of tests: competitive fighting, shock-induced fighting, isolation-induced fighting, and restraint-induced aggression. Irish and DA rats were similar: they had high levels of competitive fighting, intermediate levels of isolation-induced fighting, and high levels of shock-induced fighting, differing only in resistance to restraint. WAG-Rij and Lewis rats were similar: they had no competitive fighting, low levels of shock-induced fighting. and low levels of restraint-induced aggression, differing only in isolation-induced fighting. Fischer rats were unique, reflecting their unique breeding history, with high levels of isolation-induced and restraint-induced aggression and low levels of competitive and shock-induced fighting. The nature of the genetic variance was analyzed in selected hybrid and backcross generations and compared to results obtained from studies of inbred mice. Much of the data have previously been published in abstract form (Adams, 1978, 1979, 1980).

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