The Myth that War is Intrinsic to Human Nature Discourages Action for Peace by Young People
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I. Introduction
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II. Methods
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III. Results
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IV. Discussion
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V. Acknow-
ledgements and References

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Table I. Factors in Peace Activity
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Table II. Activity Survey
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Table III. Correlations
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Table IV. Partialed Correlations
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Table V. Three Studies
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Table VI. The Structure of Peace Activity
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For advice on experimental design and analysis, the authors acknowledge Dr. James Conley.


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Note added later: Results similar to those described here were obtained previously by the sociologist Donald Granberg (Granberg, D. 1975. War expectancy: Some further studies, International Journal of Group Tensions, 5: 8-25. Another study published in the same journal found that about half of all students worldwide believe that war is intrinsic to human nature (Eckhardt, W. Cross cultural theories of war and aggression, International Journal of Group Tensions, 2: 36-51, 1972).

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