compiled as of July 22, 2005 in the archives of David Adams
available for scholarly research at Olin Library, Wesleyan University, Middletown CT, USA

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As of February 2007, in addition to the 5,000 pages of documentation previously entered, a new and supplementary set of papers has been deposited in the Wesleyan archives, amounting to an additional 5,000 pages bound by six-month periods. These papers consist of selected pages from work notebooks (mostly meeting notes and conversations), personal diary entries, internal memos, correspondence (including important emails), previously undocumented mission reports and notes, key speeches, meeting agendas and reports, early drafts and corrections of UNESCO and UN documents, including resolutions. Also, there are bound copies of 200 pages of original correspondence detailing the mobilizations by country during the International Year for the Culture of Peace, 200 pages of background papers commissioned for the First Consultative Meeting of the Culture of Peace Programme held at UNESCO headquarters in September 1994, and an unbound collection of 30 miscellaneous publications dedicated to the culture of peace during the years 1993-2001 (click here for list).

Note: All documents are photocopied and inserted in chronological order in binders with the following exceptions:

Annotated Bibliography in separate yellow folder
Introduction to Culture of Peace Documentation
ANNEX I: Documents for UNESCO Executive Board and General Conference
ANNEX II: United Nations documents on culture of peace
ANNEX III: A story of three countries, Japan, US and UK

Separate books:
1985 - The American Peace Movements
1986 - Psychology for Peace Activists (revised in 1995)
1990 - UNESCO brochure, The Seville Statement on Violence
1993 - Culture of Peace Programme in El Salvador
1997 - UNESCO and a Culture of Peace (revised version)
1999 - Culture of Peace in Russia
1999 - Manual for International Year for the Culture of Peace
2000 - Kit for IYCP by Education International

Separate Leitz binders for:
1993 - Responses of experts for Culture of Peace Action Programme
1997 - Responses of Inter-governmental organizations to request for contributions to UN Programme of Action for a Culture of Peace
1998 - Declarations with reference to Culture of Peace

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