Early History of the Culture of Peace
Annexes and Documentation Page 39

Introduction and UNESCO's Mandate
Page 1

Yamousoukro and Seville Statement
Page 2

Origins and Executive Board Adoption
Page 3 - 4

Launching the Programme: El Salvador and Roundtable
Pages 5 - 6 - 7

1993 General Conference
Page 8

National Projects
Pages 9 - 10

Programme Unit
Page 11

Toward a Global Scope
Pages 12 - 13

Transdisciplinary Project and Human Right to Peace
Pages 14 - 15 - 16

1997: A New Approach
Page 17

UN General Assembly Resolutions
Page 18

International Year
Page 19

Declaration and Programme of Action
Pages 20 - 21

International Decade
Pages 22 - 23

Global Movement
Pages 24 - 25

Publicity Campaign
Pages 26 - 27

Decentralized Network
Pages 28 - 29

Manifesto 2000
Page 30

Use of Internet
Pages 31 - 32

Future of the Culture of Peace
Pages 33 - 34 - 35 - 36 - 37 - 38

Annexes and Documentation
Pages 39


Annex I

Original Proposal for Culture of Peace Programme Given to Director-General Federico Mayor 13 May 1992

Annex II

UNESCO Executive Board Document 140EX/28: Co-operation to promote a culture of peace (1992)

Annex IIa

Debate of UNESCO Executive Board on the culture of peace, October, 1992

Annex III

Cross-Conflict Participation: Advice of Experts. Prepared for submission to UNESCO Executive Board, 13 February 1993

Annex IIIA

The Unesco Culture of Peace Programme in El Salvador: An Initial Report, July 1996

Annex IV

Draft Outline for a Programme of Action sent to all UNESCO sectors 9 April 1997

Annex V

Notes from Commission V debate on Culture of Peace in 29th General Conference November 1997

Annex VI

General Assembly Document A/53/370: Consolidated report containing a draft declaration and programme of action on a culture of peace (1998)

Annex VII

14 September 1999 Events for the Launch of the International Year for the Culture of Peace

Annex VIII

30th General Conference on Culture of Peace: Synopsis of Plenary Remarks by Member States November 1999

Annex IX

Activities by UNESCO Field Offices for the International Year for the Culture of Peace (IYCP) during the first six months of the Year 2000

Annex X

Draft Culture of Peace Programme in Mozambique

Annex XI

Preface to Original Proposal for Culture of Peace Programme

Annex XII

Unesco's Culture of Peace Programme: An Introduction, from International Peace Research Newsletter

Annex XIII

Declarations on a Culture of Peace: 1986-2000

Annex XIV

Report of Secretary-General on International Decade (2000)

Annex XV

Culture of Peace Programme in El Savador, 1993

Note: Many culture of peace documents are available on the Unesco Culture of Peace Website. A full documentation of the culture of peace at UNESCO and the United Nations from 1992-2001, more than 1000 documents and 10,000 pages, along with an annotated bibliography, is available for the use of scholars at the library of Wesleyan University, in Middletown, CT, USA.

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